What makes it Unique
This mesh is the Unique + Back Babyhair Bundle/Combination. You only have to apply this mesh as you normally would with 1 ID. This will end up having 1 mesh ID (unlike if you bought the meshes seperately and then you would have to apply them seperately (which would result in more mesh ID's that could have compatibility issues with other products in the catalog vs. having one all together).

Combined Unique+Back -Babyhair Mesh

  • Note: This is the FRONT Unique Babyhair + Back Babyhair Combined Mesh.

    You will recieve a ZIP file containing the following:

    * .XMF File - babyhair mesh (Unique) + Back Babyhair mesh
    * Corrosponding UV maps
    * A video on how to use and set up your babyhair
    * 1 IMVU User Account License