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Twitch is like youtube, but Live!

On Twitch I teach creating, and sometimes just casually develop. You can ask me questions when I'm streaming live and get instant feedback and answers to almost all your creating needs!


I often do Giveaways and there are a lot of rewards you can receive as well just by attending the livestreams!

Redeemable Rewards I offer are:
-Rare IMVU Badges

-Feedback on your work 

-Game Nights
-Twitch Exclusive IMVU Bundles

If that doesn't interest you, you can join the chat and have fun! Don't be shy, everyone there is pretty awesome. If talking isn't your thing, you can even just listen and play with your special customized stream avatar, or join on a silent streaming day and just watch.

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If i'm not streaming you can always look back on past videos to see tutorials. 


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